Dear rocky Girl

Dear rocky Girl.



I know how you feel. You feel destructive, un-loved and wild at the same time.

You feel ugly, lonely and misunderstood. You feel as if you don´t belong to your family, that your friends don´t understand you. That you are a damn alone, and you even somehow wonder what the hell you are doing here.

Welcome to my reality, about 15-20 years ago. Time passes quickly but in me there is still this rebel girl I used to be and I tell you one thing.

It´s this part of me I love most, there is nothing I adore more, than this rebel girl.


Because of her I visited and lived in other countries.

I got to know new people, I tried new things. Sometimes they were not so tasty and even destructive bit I was and still am very curious and I always wanted to make my own experiences. I never understood why I should restrict myself only because of being born in a female body.


I never understood, why I shouldn´t go out alone, walk in the night, live adventures, talk with men, travel alone, drink alcohol, be loud, dance wildly, and fall in love.

Yes sometimes this curiosity leads to pain, but this is part of life.

Why I am writing to you?

Because i want reinforce you, take you on a trip with me and I hope you will be transformed into something new, something more shining and more true afterwards.

You are unique as you are.

So if your teacher, your mother, your boyfriend or anyone else tells you that you are not good, brave, thin whatever enough, show them your middlefinger.

You are good enough. You are good and bad.


That doesn t mean that it´s not important what others have to say, but you have to distinguish between personal offending criticism (personal critic means someone is saying something like : " You are bad, you are not worthy etc. " ) Forget it immediatly.

A criticism on you behaviour or something you are doing , like " Please pay attention how you are treating me, I feel bad because you did this, or I wish you could help more at home" etc .. ) is something different.

Always have that in mind.

People have never the power to know you so well that they may judge you.






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